Imagine browsing a webstore and suddenly seeing your own face in one of the ads. Unlikely as this may seem, it is not outside of the realm of possibility anymore. Though we are all devilishly handsome, we do not feel much for finding our mugs in online ads. ILUMY is helping an initiative to reclaim ourselves.


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Plek in space

You know about internet, intranet and extranet, but how about outernet? Plek’s latest customer ATG-Europe is building it. ATG’s main activity is supplying highly skilled personnel to the European Space Agency – and Plek will help them share knowledge on subjects like jet propulsion and spacecraft aerodynamics.


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Virtual Stories

It’s the end of November, so IDFA is in town. Next to their showing of groundbreaking documentaries, they organized an exposition on immersive reality. Because this was a spitting distance away from our office, we couldn’t resist checking it out.

virtueel verhaal

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From farmer to front door


Willem&Drees (W&D) delivers fresh foods from local farmers to local consumers. Up to now only through supermarkets (e.g. Jumbo) and catering companies, but their dream was to connect producers and consumers directly – online. They are convinced that the stories and beliefs behind the farmers and their produce are as important as the products themselves. Which required a transactional site that’s all about experience. 

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The journey is the destination

As the days are getting longer, existential questions inevitably creep up on us. No, we at ILUMY don’t have the answer to the ultimate question about the meaning of life. But we do reflect with our clients on the meaning of their products, activities or services – more thoroughly than most agencies. For this, we chart the whole user journey, not just the part that takes place on the website or app. Some examples:

From farm to front door
Later this month we launch Willem&Drees Direct, where you can order fresh produce straight from your local farmer. Together with the client, we mapped the whole customer journey: inspiration, ordering, payment, email notifications, but also things like order picking, delivery times, and refunds. Because the whole customer experience is affected if one part doesn’t work.

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A Quantified Diabetic

At Quantified Self Europe 2014, ILUMY’s own Stefan Hoevenaar told a story about his father and how he measured his diabetic life. Trained as a chemist, Stefan’s father kept daily logs for 30 years with his blood sugar levels and personal notes explaining any discrepancies. This makes him a Quantified Selfer avant la lettre, with paper logbooks and hand-drawn annual graphs to understand himself and his disease, rather than today’s handy online services and mobile apps.

Preparing and presenting this story helped Stefan better understand his father, and made all of us at ILUMY think about better ways for application users to record and make sense of their data.

Social Bankers

Bankers are getting a bad rep lately. But not those in development finance. Through a number of state-owned development banks, such as FMO in the Netherlands and IDB in New York, these bankers provide government-backed loans to companies in developing countries. But although they all share the same lofty goals and visit the same far-away countries, they hardly work together. And this is where ILUMY comes in.

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Brandweer on fire

On two evenings last year, 500 Amsterdam firefighters came together to vote on innovations suggested by their colleagues. In the line of fire: communications advisor Remco de Korte, who pitched one of four shortlisted ideas (from a longlist of 36). He got the crowd all fired up about his mobile intranetapp.Brandweer IntraAppel taart2

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Small innovation, Big impact

ILUMY is all about digital innovation. That may sound grand, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Yes, we do help clients devise digital strategies and design sophisticated online platforms and apps. But innovation can be small and quick, too. It’s all about looking for new ways to do things better, easier or faster. Big things, but also seemingly little things that can have a big impact.


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To Russia with love

Russia is getting some bad press recently. So here’s some good news coming to the land of onion-domed churches, oligarchs and – soon – exterior cladding: our client Trespa just launched a Russian-language mini-site. We developed it for them, of course, and used parallax scrolling to make it interactive and intuitive. Have a look for yourself.

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Innovation is disruptive change that makes people happy. We love innovators.